At ASWR we work in two main ways:

  1. Direct service through our Family Resource Coach
  2. At the systems level through the ASWR Collaborative

Family Resource Coach

Our Family Resource Coach can help you to navigate the autism services and supports in our community, as well as provide you with connections to programs, activities, information, etc. We provide support to people of any age, and an official diagnosis of autism is NOT necessary.

Some things we can help with are:

  • How and where to get an assessment
  • First steps after receiving a diagnosis
  • Funding options
  • Services to address speech & language issues, sensory concerns, social skills, etc.
  • Family support (e.g. sibling support, parent groups, respite, etc.)
  • School issues & advocacy
  • Issues specific to teens
  • Issues specific to adults
  • Concerns around sleep, haircuts, eating, dentist visits, etc.
  • Plus much more!

Diagnosis of autism is not needed!
Anyone can connect with us: parents, people with autism, educators, service providers, etc.

Anyone. Any age. Any question.

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ASWR Collaborative

Rather than working in isolation and silos, Autism Services Waterloo Region (ASWR) brings together all relevant stakeholders with the goal of affecting positive change across the entire autism sector. Many people with autism are marginalized and excluded from general community life, which is a complex problem that no one sector or agency can solve alone. We are collectively working towards making Waterloo Region a better place to live for people with autism.

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ASWR Collaborative


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