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Wendy Edwards, M.D.
Dr. Wendy Edwards started her professional career as a nurse working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She completed her medical school training at McMaster University in 1993 and then returned to Sick Kids as a pediatric resident. In her final year of residency training she was chosen to be chief resident at the hospital. For the last 12 years she has been working as a consultant pediatrician in Chatham-Kent. Her special interest in autism stems from the fact that her youngest son was diagnosed with this in 2003. She lives in Chatham with her husband, two sons and several well-loved pets.

By Valerie McIntyre:  Recently I have heard the wait to become a patient is 1.5 years. To see Dr Edwards you need a referral from your family doctor or current pediatrician. Provide your current doctor with a copy of your diagnosis to fax with the referral. You can have only one pediatrician for your child. Most local pedicatricians will allow you to stay on with them until your have seen Dr Edwards for the first time. Dr Edwards can test your child and treat the common medical conditions found in children (under 18) affected by ASD inlcuding digestive issues, immune disfunction and nervous system malfunction. She can Rx medications (unlike naturopaths)  and her script are covered under  benefits. She can write letters for tax decuctions for supplements and special diets.  We see Dr Edwards once or twice per year. The rest of the time we are in contact with her by email at a cost of $100 per year, not covered but considered a medical expense under income tax legislation. Currently for us she is treating our son for a coloidstra infection in the digestive tract which has caused problems for us for years. She has Rx anti-fungals, anti-biotics and B12 shots for our son. We have been seeing her for 2 years now and our James has showed a marked improvement going from communication in the form of one word answers to speaking in sentances! We have had great sucess with her protocols!

To see video from Dr Edwards at the Autism Canada Ottawa Conference 2007 click here

To see Dr Edwards powerpoint presentation from the Autism One/ Autism Canada Toronto Conference 2009 click here.


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