Autism Spectrum Connection Waterloo and Wellington Region provides an online space for parents who have a child with autism to share their experiences, connect with and support one another. This online community enables parents to tell their stories, contribute information, resources and engage in conversation with other families affected by autism.

First Steps


The First Steps is a resource created to assist families once their child has received a diagnosis of Autism. Important information regarding agencies, supports, and services is provided to ensure that families have all of the information they need.

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Recent Blog Posts

Budget 2017 proposes to add nurse practitioners to the list of medical practitioners that could certify eligibility for the disability tax credit. A nurse practitioner would be permitted to certify for all types of impairments that are within the scope of their practice.

Ontario Early Years Centres in Waterloo Region will be honouring World Autism Acceptance Day by providing a sensory-friendly play environment. You will notice lowered lighting, limited music, and an intentionally calmer environment. See poster below for more details.

Autism Direct Funding Application available on DSRC's website. Please note that the Application is not being mailed out to families this year, however, if you are unable to access the application online, paper copies are available from the office. Follow the link below to fill out the online application.

A list of tax savings and benefits ideas for Canadians with disabilities.

Below is the Spring Issue of our newsletter DSRC Connection! It contains our workshop schedule and many other community events and resources. It also contains the link to the Online Autism Direct Funding Application.

Illustration that shows how a family with special needs could enhance their savings through the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) starting 2017.

A post that explains why some families are receiving less Canada Disability Savings Grants (CDSGs) than they used to in their RDSP account.

Connect with camp and recreation providers at the event at The Family Centre. See below poster for more details.

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Life With Max

Alicia Hendley is the mom of four (including a squishy little boy who just so happens to have autism), as well as a writer. Her first book (A Subtle Thing) was published in 2010. Alicia is married to local journalist Joel Rubinoff. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

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February 16, 2017

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    By Miranda Tomassetti
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October 24, 2016



a-space Waterloo

Saturday 7PM → 9PM ET


Open Space - Cambridge

Monday 6:30PM → 8PM ET


Open Space - Kitchener

Monday 6:30PM → 8:30PM ET


Open Space - Waterloo

Wednesday 6:30PM → 8:30PM ET


a-space Waterloo

Saturday, April 1 7PM → 9PM ET

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