Autism Spectrum Connection Waterloo and Wellington Region provides an online space for parents who have a child with autism to share their experiences, connect with and support one another. This online community enables parents to tell their stories, contribute information, resources and engage in conversation with other families affected by autism.

First Steps


The First Steps is a resource created to assist families once their child has received a diagnosis of Autism. Important information regarding agencies, supports, and services is provided to ensure that families have all of the information they need.

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Recent Blog Posts

Connect with camp and recreation providers at the event at The Family Centre. See below poster for more details.

Bloorview McMillan id currently conducting clinical trials to investigate whether a drug called tideglusib helps to improve symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically social engagement, social function, and repetitive behaviours.

World Autism Acceptance Day is on April 2nd, 2017. It is a time to celebrate and promote understanding about neurodiversity and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This year, instead of organizing a singular event as has been done in the past, we are asking local organizations to go SENSORY-FRIENDLY on April 2nd! See poster below for more details about how to make your store, event, or organization sensory friendly.

if you dont know about Dr Edwards search her name here on this site to find out more, might be the best 5 minute you have ever spent.

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Event at Centre in the Square

Kerry-ASC CoordinatorOpen Forum

Centre In The Square and Magnusmode have partnered to help support people seeing a show at Centre In The Square. Magnusmode’s app, MagnusCards, supports people exploring community sites and services by using pictures of those locations and step-by-step instructions. Guests will be able to use MagnusCards to do activities, including entering the theatre, finding their seats, preparing for a show, what to expect during a show, and many more! After guided activities, guests are invited to see the show!

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School Issues Parent Support Group

Kerry-ASC CoordinatorOpen Forum

Please see below poster for dates for the School Issue Parent Support Group run by Waterloo Region Family Network. If you have concerns about school issues for your child/youth with special needs this could be a great opportunity for you. The group will be held at The Family Centre in Kitchener.

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Life With Max

Alicia Hendley is the mom of four (including a squishy little boy who just so happens to have autism), as well as a writer. Her first book (A Subtle Thing) was published in 2010. Alicia is married to local journalist Joel Rubinoff. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

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